marinated grilled eggplant with herbs

Marinated Grilled Eggplant with Herbs

I’m almost embarrassed to call today’s recipe for marinated, grilled eggplant with herbs, a recipe.  It’s more of a guide.   Only the most general quantities are provided; you throw everything together and Bob’s your uncle. Most of my summer cooking is like that.  I stroll out to the garden picking a bit of this and… 

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quinces and grapes

How to Host a Garden Share Party

It was a Facebook invitation too good to refuse: my first ever garden share party.  Lisa wrote: Due to impending renovation, our garden needs some shifting about so you are invited to visit and to dig up, take cuttings, etc… There is a whole mess of geraniums, some aggies, ferns, pretty purple leafy things. Spider… 

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black swans on the Torrens River

Silent Sunday: 25 January 2015

plum upside down cake

Plum Upside Down Cake

I first tasted blood plums at Boroondara Farmer’s Market in Hawthorn, Melbourne, about 10 years ago. Every month I’d wander from stall to stall sampling local apple juice and honey and chatting to the stallholders about when to plant blueberries or how to preserve crab apples.  My small children stood fidgeting and pulling on my… 

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Backyard Self-Sufficiency

Backyard Self-sufficiency by Jackie French: a Review

Back in the days when my kitchen garden was limited to a lonely lemon tree and narrow strip of vegetables, I discovered Backyard Self-Sufficiency* by Jackie French and it set my mind alight. By the end of the first page I was entranced by the sheer energy and enthusiasm of the book with its lavish… 

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mint with bee

Silent Sunday: 18 January 2015

plum sauce on spoon

Maggie Beer’s Plum Sauce

In my quest for a plum sauce recipe to use up some of the abundant blood plums in my garden, I searched numerous cookbooks and websites.  I even put out a request on Facebook. In the end I went with a recipe published by Maggie Beer in Maggie’s Harvest.  I chose this recipe for the… 

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basket of plums

Crazy Abundance

January is such a crazy, amazing, abundant time in the garden.  I’d appreciate its wonder more if I had more time to think about it. Instead, I’m busy bottling fruit and making jam and drying tomatoes, in between working in my day job and spending time with the kids in their school and uni holidays…. 

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satsuma plums

Blood Plum Jam

When I planted a satsuma plum tree five years ago I had visions of jars of scarlet, glowing jam and plum pies oozing blood red juice. Missing from my vision was the amount of effort involved in slicing and cooking and bottling hundreds of plums.  While I find the process of preserving home-grown produce deeply… 

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Goolwa Wharf Markets

Country markets are one of my absolute favourite places to visit.  I love the bric-a-brac and old tools and little niche food producers.  I can spend hours poring over old cooking equipment and don’t get me started on the books.  I’m such a sucker for anything old that can be cooked with or read. Whenever… 

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ancient grains and superfruits

Sunsol 10+ Natural Muesli Giveaway and Review

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Sunsol.* Like many people, I expect, I have a love/hate relationship with muesli.  I love that muesli is healthy and high in fibre.  But  eating some brands of muesli can feel like chewing a cardboard box. My ideal muesli has a good ratio of fruit… 

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plums, tomatoes, eggs

Essential Edibles Food Swap: January 2015

I know I write about this every month, but I just can’t get enough of my local food swap.  What’s not to love about locals gathering together to swap and share home-grown and home-made fruit, vegetables, seeds, seedlings, eggs, preserves and baked goods.  Even with lower than usual attendance due to the summer holidays lull, at… 

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fennel flowers

Our January Garden: Messy but Productive

I have to confess that my January garden is a bit of a mess.  The festive season left very little time for gardening and since then we’ve been away in Goolwa, leaving the garden to its own devices. Thankfully, it’s a productive mess.  Although couch grass is invading the garden beds, the lawn is drying… 

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