rocket pesto

Rocket, Lime and Raw Almond Pesto

I make pesto all year round with whatever ingredients I have at hand.  In summer, I make pesto from the fat-leafed sweet basil growing beneath my tomato plants.  Autumn brings peppery rocket (arugula) pesto while winter is the season for kale pesto.  During the ‘hungry gap’ months of early spring, when the winter vegetables are… 

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lime posset

Susan’s Lime Posset

The doors are open, and the surfeited grooms Do mock their charge with snores. I have drugg’d their possets That death and nature do contend about them, Whether they live or die.                                                Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, Act II Scene ii. As regular readers are no doubt aware,  I have a very generous Tahitian lime… 

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chooks 1

Introducing our new hens, Myrtle and Hedwig

When I visited our local produce store on Friday, it was not to buy more chickens.  I already owned three. But somehow I came home with two more. It began with Myrtle. Unlike the raucously clucking Isa Browns in the adjacent shed, she stood quietly alone, a drop-dead-gorgeous Light Sussex bantam looking wistfully out at… 

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food swap

Friday Favourites

Have you ever seen such beautiful autumn produce?   This photo was taken last Sunday at Essential Edibles, the food swap I coordinate. The bounty shared and swapped included flowers, herbs, quinces, pomegranates, persimmons, oranges, limes, grapefruit, bulbs, spaghetti squash, several types of preserves, walnuts, eggs, sweet potato greens, chillies, bay leaves, Jerusalem artichokes and lots,… 

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backyard from driveway

May Garden Update

While in the Northern Hemisphere the May garden is full of the promise of summer, here in the south we’re bedding down for winter. But because it doesn’t snow in Adelaide and frosts are rare, winter can be an extraordinarily productive time of year.  That is, if you actually spend time in the garden. I… 

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white rose

Friday Favourites: The World Naked Gardening Day Edition

I couldn’t miss out on my Friday Favourites post this week because I have to remind you all that tomorrow, May 2nd, is World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD).  I know you’d hate to miss it.  I can just see myself bending over to weed the agapanthus outside our front gate in the buff.  Won’t my… 

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yellow rose

15 Fast Gardening Tasks

On long, golden summer evenings it’s easy to find an hour or two to spend in the garden.  But what do you do as the days grow shorter? Tonight I arrived home from work on the cusp of twilight.  Under the rapidly darkening autumn sky, I went for a quick stroll around the garden.  I… 

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Anzac biscuits

Anzac Biscuits for Anzac Day

How did you commemorate Anzac Day 2015?  As mentioned in my previous post, we attended a dawn service at a local RSL club.  Afterwards, my son joined his fellow scouts to serve a bacon-and-eggs breakfast to the attending veterans. I really like the idea of attending a small, local service on Anzac Day.  The boys… 

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St Peter's  College remembers students who died in #WWI. #anzacday2015 #100years #lestweforget #Adelaide

Getting Ready for Anzac Day

Here in Adelaide it feels as if winter has already set in.  Personally, I’d rather it stayed away a bit longer because our home heating system has gone kaput.  We’re getting quotes on repairs but in the meantime I have to rug up in thick socks, my hand-knitted beanie and my fluffy dressing gown. Except… 

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lime curd

How to Make Lime Curd

When I planted a tiny Tahitian lime tree in autumn 2010, a couple of months after moving to this house, I couldn’t have predicted how huge it would become.   As citrus trees so often do, my Tahitian lime sulked for the first couple of years after planting, barely growing at all.  Adding to its woes,… 

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more cosmos

Lovely, lovely rain

It’s cold and grey and gloomy and drizzly outside and I could dance for joy. Such lovely, lovely rain, restoring and healing my garden. We’ve had around 35 millimetres of rain in April so far and it’s made a big difference.  The garden feels happier and more relaxed as if it’s saying “phew, now I… 

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wartime chocolate sponge

Wartime Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake

Normally our fridge is awash with eggs generously provided by our three chooks, Nightmare, Lola and Ninja.  But with Lola and Ninja moulting and thus laying infrequently, the usual flood of eggs has become a trickle. Rather than go out and buy eggs, which would be easy enough to do, I’ve decided to ride out… 

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sleepy kitty

Friday Favourites: 10 April 2015

With its golden days and crisp nights, autumn is a wonderful time of year. Here in Adelaide, autumn often comes in with a whimper, not a bang.  Instead of vivid autumn colour, the leaves of deciduous trees slowly brown off before falling some time in May or June. But this year is different.  Some nights… 

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