1940s house

Kitchens in the 1930s, 40s and 50s

For a little light weekend entertainment, today I’m sharing three short films showing kitchens — and cooks — in action in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  In addition, the image above shows the kitchen created for the BBC television series, 1940s House (click on the link to see a video about the kitchen). The film… 

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almond jumbles

Almond Jumbles from the 1930s

After borrowing 365 Country Women’s Association Favourites — a collection of Depression-era recipes — from the library yesterday, I couldn’t resist making Mrs W.H. Mitchell from Aylmerton’s recipe for almond jumbles. Although familiar with Arnott’s honey jumbles since childhood, I’ve never previously made jumbles and, in fact, didn’t know much about them. Wikipedia came to… 

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365 Country Women's Association Favourites

365 Country Women’s Association Favourites: Review

Regular readers of Rosehips and Rhubarb will know that I am a very simple kind of cook.  I like to use fresh, local and seasonal produce and staples that my grandparents would recognise as food.  I’ve never purchased a superfood in my life, although we do eat kale — from our garden. So you can… 

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rhubarb and ginger upside down cake

Rhubarb and Ginger Upside Down Cake

Given my love of all things rhubarb — and the title of my blog — I can’t believe that it’s taken me until today to post a rhubarb recipe. I often make a blood plum upside down cake at the end of summer when plums are in season and today I thought I’d create a… 

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Golden roses

For my 16 year old son, who asked what I have achieved in my life

Yesterday, as we watched a TV show about Antarctic explorers, my 16 year old son asked me what I have achieved in my life. I replied that I created and raised him.   He said, “but what have you really done in your life?” I told him I was saving some adventures for when he… 

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cranberry, nut and yogurt cups

Cranberry, Nut and Yogurt Cups

If you’re like me, you want to do as little cooking as possible when it’s sweltering outdoors. Knowing that we were in for a scorcher today, I decided to plan ahead and make cool and crunchy nut and yogurt cups for breakfast. (By the way, what’s with almost 40 degree weather in spring? Are you… 

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leeks with rice

Leeks with Rice and Lemon

Risotto is, in my opinion, the ultimate comfort food. But sometimes I want comfort food but can’t face the cheese in risotto or can’t be bothered with all the stirring. That’s when I make this lemony leek and rice dish from Greece, which I originally found in a vegetarian cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey.  It’s light… 

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borage with bee

Disaster on Our Doorstep: The Annihilation of Honey Bees

Hideous blood-sucking monsters; violent deaths; mysterious disappearances: Stephen King could not have written a more chilling horror story. First, vampiric attacks by varroa destructor mites weakened American bee colonies. Gruesomely sinking their fangs into bee larvae and adult bees alike, varroa mites suck bee blood and introduce diseases. Increasingly pesticide resistant, they destroy colonies with… 

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My contribution

November Food Swap 2014

In the world of Adelaide food swaps, November is an in-between month.  Winter crops such as citrus and leafy greens are just about finished, but summer crops like tomatoes, zucchinis and stone fruit are not yet available. Given seasonal limitations and an exceptionally dry spring so far, I was amazed and impressed by the contributions… 

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Luck Smart Snax

Lucky Smart Snax Giveaway

When I was a little girl I wasn’t allowed to eat nuts because they were considered a choking risk for small children. Back then, and possibly now too, parents were advised not to give nuts to children under five. But you know how it is, the more you’re told you can’t have something, the more… 

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Transitions Film Festival and the Minimalists

I’m so excited.  Next Sunday I’m going to see Growing Cities, part of the third annual Transitions Film Festival in Adelaide. Fascinated as I am by urban food gardening in any of its many forms, Growing Cities immediately piqued my curiosity.  It’s a road movie with a difference.  Filmmakers Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette travel… 

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