cinnamon tea cake

Cinnamon Tea Cake

One of my fondest childhood memories is watching my mother make a White Wings cinnamon tea cake. As the Sunbeam mixer turned round and round, my brother and I waited, ready to pounce on the beaters and bowl as soon as Mum poured the cake batter into the tin. After it came out of the… 

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Sophie’s Patch – Hamlyn Cottage

After yesterday’s gardening debacle (and I now think that I stupidly mistook immature fennel for parsnips which explains the feathery leaves and un-carroty smell), I decided it was time I visited a gardening expert. And in South Australia, there is no greater gardening expert than Sophie Thomson of Gardening Australia and Sophie’s Patch fame. Open… 

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carrot cake

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (and a sad tale about parsnips)

A few months ago a planted a packet of carrot seeds in my garden.  They germinated beautifully and for months I admired their delicate, feathery leaves and looked forward to the vivid orange roots developing, unseen below. Yesterday, I dug up my first carrot and, strangely, it was long and slender and white.  White?  I… 

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Well Naturally Chocolate Review and Giveaway

I could almost, just about, make the decision to go sugar-free.  I know it would be good for my health. But there’s one major hurdle. Chocolate. Luscious, creamy, addictive chocolate that is also, sadly, nearly always sweetened with sugar.  Like many of you, I’m sure, I’d rather eat chocolate sweetened with sugar than choose an… 

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cut roses

How to get cut flowers to last longer

Aren’t these roses lovely?  I brought them in from the garden on Sunday and every time I look at them I feel like smiling.  They make an ordinary room feel like a celebration. Before I put my roses in the silver jug I trimmed the ends neatly and added a spoonful of sugar to the… 

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Tickle Tank Open Garden

No photos could ever fully capture the wonder and whimsy of sculptor Irene Pearce’s garden at Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. As you walk through the gate, you leave the ordinary world behind and enter fairyland. Blink, and you’ll see Aslan’s tale whisk around the corner.  Listen carefully, and you might just hear elves… 

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orange creme caramel

Orange Creme Caramel

A few days ago, determined to find a way to use up our abundant egg supply and the last oranges languishing on our tree, I decided to make an orange creme caramel. I found numerous recipes but none that quite fitted the bill.  I wanted to use whole eggs, not a mixture of whole eggs… 

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silverbeet spanikopita

Silverbeet Spanikopita

The thing with growing your own fruit and vegetables is that when they need to be harvested, they need to be harvested.  And after all the work of nurturing, pruning, fertilising and controlling weeds, you don’t want your fresh produce to be past its best. Last weekend, faced with several silverbeet (swiss chard) plants on… 

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loquats, sweet peas, oranges and mulberries

October Food Swap 2014

I really didn’t want to go to yesterday’s food swap.  Like any normal human being the Sunday morning after the shift to daylight savings, I wanted to stay in bed and sleep for at least another hour. But since I organise the swap, I got grudgingly out of bed, grabbed kale, oranges, celery and lemongrass… 

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Buds and Babies: Mid Spring Garden 2014

My mid-spring garden is a delightful place, full of budding roses and baby seedlings. The air is heavy with the fragrance of waxy white citrus flowers.  Bees buzz contentedly from blue borage flowers to purple lavender and back again. Tiny green plums hang from branches that were, until a week or two ago, a mass… 

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faraja dining room

Faraja Review

When my husband and I arrived at Faraja for a surprise birthday lunch, I thought it must be an African restaurant.  After all,  ‘faraja’ is Swahili for ‘peace, comfort and relief’. But a glance at the menu revealed an idiosyncratic mix of popular hits from various cuisines, from Italian arancini to Vietnamese fried garfish and… 

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