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OzHarvest Tree of Goodness

Fragrant aromas of coffee brewing and bacon frying fill the air.  Stalls groaning with luscious summer fruit and vegetables promise an abundant Christmas.  Busy and preoccupied people dash in and out; some seeking a pre-work caffeine hit, others to confirm their Christmas seafood orders. Wandering around Adelaide’s Central Market in mid December, it’s hard to… 

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pumpkin flowers - seasonal Christmas stars

How to Have a Simpler Christmas

For years I dreaded Christmas.  Not the cooking.  I love Christmas cooking.  And not the social activities and visits with family. I enjoy those too.  And I adore a good carol service. What I dread about Christmas is the financial expectations, the crowded shopping malls, the pressure to buy things for people that they neither… 

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Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home Review

Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying your Life by Reducing Your Waste* wasn’t always a minimalist.  She once bought into all the trapping of the American dream, a “three-thousand-square-foot contemporary home, on a cul-de-sac, complete with high ceilings, family and living rooms, walk-in closets, a three-car garage, and a… 

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christmas tree

Our Christmas Tree

A work colleague told me this week that her mother changes her Christmas colour scheme every year, and every year she buys new decorations for her tree. My Christmas tree is nothing like that. Our Christmas tree is crowded with decorations in every hue of the rainbow.  Enthusiasm rather than taste and restraint determines the… 

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apricot and almond slice

Wholemeal Apricot and Almond Slice

Normally, when I attend an event in December I make fruit mince pies or something else Christmassy. But surrounded by jars of newly-made homemade apricot jam from my friend Rosalie’s massive apricot tree, I decided to look for an apricot recipe for Sunday’s end-of-year food swap and Christmas celebration. A quick search of the internet… 

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food swap 1

Essential Edibles’ Christmas Food Swap with CBD Bees’ Sandra Ullrich

Of all the volunteer and community activities I have ever been involved in (and there have been many), coordinating a food swap is by far my favourite. It’s because food swaps are such wonderful, positive events.  Everyone benefits and everyone goes away happy. The shared conversations, stories and expertise are as important as the food…. 

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apricot jam

Apricot Jam

Along with apricot and almond crumble, I made a large batch of apricot jam with Rosalie’s magnificent apricots. Never having made apricot jam before, I couldn’t understand why most recipes tell you to mix apricot stone kernels in with the jam. A spot of on-line research indicated that apricot kernels are traditionally added to give… 

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Apricot and Almond Crumble

In the back corner of my friend Rosalie’s garden is the biggest apricot tree you have ever seen.  It’s taller than her shed and as wide as a small house.  One side was hit by lightning some years ago but kept on growing; bent, gnarly but determined. About a week ago, Rosalie announced on Facebook:… 

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pink and chocolate cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate and Pink Butter Cream Frosting

I hope you’re not getting tired of party food pictures because today I’m sharing  the recipe for the vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and pink buttercream that I made for my daughter’s 18th birthday party last Saturday. Along with the sage, pork and carrot sausage rolls and meringues with passionfruit cream and strawberries, these cupcakes went… 

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One night's harvest

Increasing Abundance: Early December Garden 2014

I have a confession to make: I have spent very little time in the garden in the past month.  Life in the Rosehips and Rhubarb household has been extremely busy, culminating in our daughter’s 18th birthday party, held here last night. Yet despite neglect, the garden has grown apace.  Looking back at last month’s post,… 

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meringues with passionfruit cream and strawberries

Meringues with Passionfruit Cream and Strawberries

This may seem crazy, but I’m writing this blog post less than two hours before over 50 guests are due to arrive for my daughter’s 18th birthday party.  I do hope it makes sense. Today’s recipe, meringues with passionfruit cream and strawberries, was inspired by two things.   The first was that I had six egg… 

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sausage rolls

Sage, Pork and Carrot Sausage Rolls

So I had the bright idea of making a batch of these lovely little sausagerolls to put aside for my daughter’s 18th birthday party on Saturday night. But I should have thought about my timing better because the sausage rolls came out of the oven at 6.25pm, just before I raced out the door for… 

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Honey Ice Cream

Four Ingredient Honey Ice Cream

Rich, luxurious, yet simple to make, honey ice cream is the perfect way to end a hot day — or any day, really. I found this recipe for honey ice cream in CBD Bees‘ spring newsletter and knew immediately that I had to make it, and sooner rather than later.  To begin with, it only… 

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